Innovative Wear Protective Coatings

Heavy industry applications such as mining, aggregate, asphalt, cement and chemicals pose a great challenge on equipment which in return on budget. AMS innovative wear protective coatings reduce the down time, extend the wear life of equipment, enhance flow of materials, protect from corrosion, abrasion and chemicals.

  • AMS wide range of coatings can be applied in chutes, spouts, hoppers, transfer points, tanks, pipes, haul trucks, belts, mills, etc. Products are designed in accordance to customers' needs in keeping the total cost-per-ton down. Core range of featured products are available also customized solutions for specific needs.

  • The light weight of the materials maximizes the payload, productivity and profit. The engineered low coefficient of friction for the material enhances the flow rate of material through the tightest designs.

  • The unique application technology allows for minimum labour costs.

  • Products are 100% solid which are safe for environment and workplace.

  • AMS is your one-stop partner for a full protective system for all your needs and installation dedicated to keeping your operation as productive and profitable as possible.

  • Innovative, smart, safe, and intuitive design that makes maintenance friendly and cost effective.

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